Pacha Group

Pacha is the oldest and largest global nightclub brand with venues in major cities across the world.

The first Pacha club opened in the beach town of Sitges in 1967. Six years later, in 1973 during the hippy movement, Pacha arrived in Ibiza.  Since then the brand has been constantly developing together with time, fashion and trends, bringing new ideas, improvements and a wide variety of extravagances to the night scene while always maintaining its unique particular style and spirit.

Four decades after its first opening in Sitges, Pacha has successfully established in many different countries all over the world including Brazil, United States, Germany, Poland, Egypt, Argentina, Portugal and Australia with many new, exciting destinations opening soon!

Not Just A Club, But A Lifestyle

The brand opened its doors at the El Hotel Pacha in Ibiza, attracting a wide audience through the venues unique offering. Pacha then continued expanding its fields through the development of new products focused on lifestyle brand concepts. This included the Pacha Collection & Accessories, including garments based on Ibiza’s ‘ultra-free’ lifestyle, as well as bi-lingual magazine for Ibiza’s entertainment scene (Pacha Magazine), a large party boat experience, the Club, Restaurant & Cabaret Lío and the ultra-lifestyle experience experience Destino Pacha Ibiza Resort.