Pacha Macau presents: Macau Dance Music Association, January 23

Pacha Macau is excited to announce headliners MDMA (Macau Dance Music Association) on Saturday, January 23. This group of "Dance Music" enthusiasts are ready to spread the love for great music together with DJs Darka, D-HOO and Erick L.

The 2003 champion of "Hong Kong Pioneer DJ Competion", DJ Darka is a well known figure amongst the dance floor and a devotee to the development of electronic dance music in Hong Kong. His name can be found alongside DJs and producers including Nick Warren, Timo Mass and Jimmy Van M just to name a few.

Founder of MDMA, D-HOO's love for music has driven him to bring the party vibe into Macau, having founded Bermuda Productions. His sets reveal his personal reflections, bringing you to a cruise from chilled, sexy and melodic tunes to the other pole of deep, dark and techno vibes.

At last but not least, Erick L is a founding member and DJ of MDMA. He is heavily influenced by progressive sounds of legendary underground DJs Sasha and Digweed, telling a progressive story in his sets.

Promoters of local talents, MDMA aims to establish a firm network of local creatives in a attempt to provide a platform for artists to showcase their work, not only locally but also internationally in artistic and cultural events and even in prestigious club parties such as the upcoming event.

MDMA has the full support from Pacha Macau to take the local music scene to another level. Be part of this movement on Saturday, January 23!

Find out more about the artists' work on their individual Soundcloud page:

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